Gemelito Laluna

Writer. Activist. Adventist. Bibliophile. Cyclist. Law and Public Policy Nerd. Progressive. Technologist. WordPress Evangelist.

Gemelito Laluna is the Filipino-Canadian-American founder of the websites The American Liberal Review, Adventists for Progress, and L.A. Chain Suck.

His areas of focus and/or interest are the following: U.S., U.K., and Canadian politics; American Progressivism; progressive liberalism (or social liberalism); social democracy; netroots and progressive grassroots activism in the era of social media/new technology 2.0; international affairs; law and legal theory; political economy; public policy; liberal and Left Christianity; progressive Seventh-day Adventism; contemporary center-right and right-of-center thought (Anglo-American conservatism, British "One Nation" conservatism, Christian Democracy, libertarianism, neoconservatism, paleoconservatism, and Red Toryism); the Filipino diaspora in North America; and general religious-theological studies.

In closing, he's Canadian by birth, American by choice, Filipino by culture, and Californian by spirit. He's an individual living at the intersection of where books, culture, cycling, economics, jurisprudence, philosophy, politics, progressive Christianity, progressive liberalism, public policy, social democracy, technology, theology, and trade unionism all meet in one seamless existence.